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The Tiny Seed

I am leaving a marriage ....a tiny seed of freedom has taken root. I am starting over..I may learn to be me again. Who am I after all this time? I have been locked away for too long.
flyingstone flyingstone 61-65, F 6 Responses Dec 20, 2011

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You are the same person you have always been.
Just that each day you add a little more to the overall you.
Thus you will never be less than you are now.
You can only be more than you were yesterday.

That also means you are NOT the person in the mirror.
That is the subtotal of who you are to date as you will always be becoming more than your current image portrays.

The only time you become a total person is when you can add up all you have become and that is when you die.
Never be in a hurry to be all you can be because that is the end!

Please be real damn happy with your subtotal and improving ALL the time even if you don't know it at the moment!

Another words....
Your just fine and getting better all the time.
Something I would like to see up close for myself!

You go Stonie!!!! UbU and it will work out fine.

I am glad you are getting out. You are a star in my book! Stay strong and hopefully soon I will be able to share some good news of my own.

It is sad when we come to this time in our lives and we realize that alot of time has been wasted on living the life we want to. But yes there is time to do 'your thing' and good luck to you. I hope it runs smoothly for you.

Thank you--a bit harder when older but doable ---I must do this or I will just wither away.

You haven't been shut away for too long. Of course you can spread your wings again ... you might be a little rusty but you'll soon start to enjoy the extra space and freedom ... you can do it ... smell that fresh air, look at that sunshine ... feel that wind against your face ... go for it ... you know you want to.

I must flex those wing muscles and begin to practice flying.

I Know! I Know! I Know! I can tell you that you are a real nice person who has finally got out the door. YUP! I know a few other good stuffs too. Like you work hard and you are kind and way too trusting of internet louts like me. But you will be fine once you get settled into your new life as long as you keep an eye out for these pretend Romeos and learn to separate facts from fiction. Buying a gun would be a good investment, buying a can of bullshit repellent would be an even better investment or maybe a trained dog that only bites bullshit artists.