73% Continued

I received a summons from my stbx to appear in court on the 15th. They again are asking for a separation but want the same amount of support they asked for a divorce. What makes them think I would give them what they have been asking for now? If I wanted to or even could give them 73% of my net pay I would have done it months ago but to give it to them now for only a separation? That makes no sense whatsoever! Of course not much about this whole process has made any sense so far.
My lawyer is counter suing for divorce. I signed the necessary papers Monday so I am not yet sure how this whole process is going to play out. I will call my lawyer tomorrow.
I also had a reminder of my son's dentist appointment today and told her I would take him. She thanked me or something and I replied si. she got mad at this because it was something I used to say when I was joking around with her and she was so sad because I was leaving her and blah, blah, blah. I wrote back and told her I say si to many people. I also told her that there is a reason I am divorcing her, just because she does not understand that reason does not mean it doesn't exist. It goes both ways and if she had made me an even reasonable settlement offer five months ago I would not have to be answering any of her e-mails.
I hope this ends soon.
OmyTVC15 OmyTVC15
51-55, M
Sep 19, 2012