Here We Go.

I finally got the job that can lift me to new hights. To be honest ANY job can do that for me, I've been unemployed since November. I'll be living at home so any momey that I make I keep besides what I pay for groceries.

It will not all be based on the job, those it is a crutial part of my plans. I have been making small adjustments to my personal habits. I try to read a few chapters of a book a day to improve my mind and ever since I decided to have a go again with art I have been doing a drawing a day, or working on one a day to finish ones that I previously started. 

My goal is to make a complete change in my personal life. I want to be a new me, a happier, healthier, and more personable me. I know that I can not do this by my self and only by Gods grace can I make the changes. So I'm looking up. The suffocating fog of depression behind me, Im walking tall. I understand that even though I have the past behind me it never stays down and I made some poor choices with my treatment of other people and that may come back to bite me, I know nothing can ever spin me so hard that I am overcome completly by it. It feels good.

LakeShore LakeShore
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 26, 2009

good luck in that....sometimes we need others to support us and be next to us , in order to be healed ... unfortunately , they r not always there :( ....<br />
but still there's a way as long as there's a will