Candyrainspearl has been a friend of mine for quite some time and I cherish her.  I was talking with a mutual friend about her and this group and decided that I would have no problem writing a story about her in relation to country music, which I also like.

     So I thought about it.  Then, I thought about it some more.  Finally, after several months of thinking about it, I had a thought.  STOP LAUGHING!!!  I really do like crp and I know that she likes country music.  But I have absolutely no idea what kind of country.  There are more kinds of cm than I have fingers.  So..........  Where does that leave us?  

     I thought about comparisons.  For instance, crp is much prettier that Tex Ritter.  She also has a much better figure. 
     I thought about testimonials.  But I don't know of any country music stars ( or even country singers ) who know her.  Hell, I don't know of any country singers who know ME! 

     I thought about having a black tie dinner for her.  I don't even own a black tie, and I bet she doesn't either. 

     I thought about sending her a singing telegraph.  But I don't know how to fold the edges to hold the sound in.  
     So, after about 8 months, I finally figured it out.  I will just talk about crp without music.  Mz CamdyRainsPearls is a friend of mine who has never failed to have a positive influence on me.  She has that rare knack for finding me a little down and pulling me back up.  There is no doubt that she is a better friend to me than I am to her.  I am glad that she is my friend.  I am proud that she is my friend.  I intend that it shall continue.  That is why I didn't mention her boobs.  LOL  

mewold mewold
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Ok, I admit it. I DO like CRP's boobs..........Ha, ha, ha...........Now she is trying to figure out where I saw them. Ha, ha, ha.

Thanks luvmc, she also has a fun way a writing. lol

This is a wonderful post mewold. :-) Candy is an amazing person. She is very caring and loving. *Hugs to you both*

That is right, PT. But don't talk about her boobs. I almost did, but I don't think she noticed. lmao

great story mewold. crp is an amazing woman and a great friend.

foreverheart, CRP is fair. She will tell you is you are out of line, but I like that. Sometimes, we just don't know.

CRP, this was entirely my pleasure. I am just sorry I didn't do it before. Bty, about your boobs.......... lol

CRP was nice to me when I first came to Experience Project and she seems to treat people fair.

Santa this means so much to me!! I loves you!!! I have a extra tie! *Wink* no wonder why my ears are bUzZzing ! O_o Will play sing any country song hell even blue grass!! Lov you Mewold Santa loving teddy bear LOL