Been Around A Long Time

I've been around a long time in EP time and actual years! Going to be 49 in the Spring, Lord willing. Joined EP in the summer of 2007 I believe. It's difficult to remember. I have been here and gone a few times, although some of the times were as brief as an hour or two.

The Experience Project gets into your blood...especially if you enjoy writing. I left the last time, sick of drama and the slime that grows in the dark alleys of EP. Taking the good and avoiding the dank just took it's last chunk of my backside so to speak and I got shet of this place.

Well, I'm going to try a fresh start. May even become a supporter again. Although the idea was mine or I was one of the first to suggest it, I felt the asking price was getting rather high so wasn't sad to leave that. But been missing this old cyber island. It's a blessing more than a burr, I think. Maybe. We will have to see. I will have to see.

Treefrogz says howdy y'all. I'm back and I'm purple. Always have been. Love you folks. Missed so many of you. Probably some around here that I was missing that I didn't realize I was missing!!
Amethyyst Amethyyst
51-55, F
3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

:-) Ditto on what I said above...

((((hugs)))) to both of you! Yes, may be a bit of that Marji, but don't you fret. I take responsibility for my doin's. :-) Thanks Em! Frogs have rather thin skin I think but it's slippery so maybe that will help!

Lovin the new look, Girl! I always liked the color purple! ;) Glad you are back! Maybe with a bit of tougher skin to ignore the occational burrs that get thrown our way. And EP can never get too many cheery, possitive people in here like you've been in the past! ;) So stick around, and let's "share" some more good times! :)