Day 4 - 191.5 Lbs - Lost 4 Lbs Total

I'm pleased that I lost weight again today on day four but the true test of my quest of losing 20 pounds will be the day I have a gain on the scale. It will happen that I know as fact and I must prepare myself for that mentally beforehand and not give up when I see that gain. I tell myself I wont get angry and give up but when it actually happens let's see what I do. Even when I did hcg I would gain weight which was a cruel thing to happen when you know you only had around 500-900 calories for the day, but I'm not doing hcg this time. Hcg was my past weight loss and today I want to lose weight without it like I always had a sneaking suspicion I could do.

Yesterday I had for breakfast my favorite meal which is a boatload of veggies sauteed in a skillet lightly and while that is sauteing I take one avocado and mash it on my plate with some lemon juice with cayenne, ginger, Himalayan salt and fresh thyme. Then I scramble three eggs and then add the eggs and veggies to my avocado and voila. My exercise yesterday came in the form of cleaning up the garage for three hours with my husband. I made us pumpkin smoothies as a treat afterwards which were better than anything I've gotten commercially. There was 2 tsp of hazelnut agave syrup in there, but other than that it was very healthful and those 2 tsp of syrup made four servings of the smoothie which I had 2 servings of it (couldn't help myself). I will NOT deny myself this time around. Then for lunch/dinner I had my standby salad with feta cheese and my homemade dressing. Then I did get cravings around 7pm so I had some yogurt in one of those 6oz (?) containers. Then I was still hungry so I had some felafel chips (high in protein) with some hummus dip. I had probably a cup of chips and 1/4 cup hummus and that was what I ate for the day. I do have coffee in the morning and then the rest of the day is tea and water.

Four pounds in 4 days is comparable to what folks get doing hcg. I do not want to offend anyone who is doing hcg at the moment or has done hcg in the past, that is not my intent. I only want to journal if I can lose weight without injecting the hormone and sustaining on such a limited diet for 43 days. I know some of what I blog will not make sense to those who have never done hcg. And I won't talk of the hcg diet in much detail really.
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46-50, F
Apr 22, 2012