Day 15 - 189.0 - Lost 6.5 Pounds

Yesterday was a good day for me, the sun was out and it got to 80 degrees which we have not seen that temp since Oct 9th the meteorologist said. I also scored 83 pts on my sis-in-law in Words With Friends on Facebook. I've never beaten my sis in scrabble before and it sure would be nice to take her down lol. I actually got a rush of adrenaline from the word "slithers" using all 7 of my tiles and then seeing that glorious score. It's only my second move so she has plenty of time to beat me which she's banking on.

Okay, back to my weight loss quest. I did 15 mins of jumping on our trampoline. I bought that thing for the kids but since they have become bored with it, it is now my new piece of exercise equipment. I also walked for an hour. I also cleaned my house for an hour.

10:30 I had my chia seed protein shake. Noon I had 10 olives while I prepared my lunch and that consisted of brussel sprouts with pepper jack cheese and 1/2 an avocado. 3:15 I had 1/2 a veggie sandwich on whole wheat and some grapes. Then at 6pm I had 8oz of chicken almond salad. Then at 7 I got hungry and had one apple and one kiwi and the sugar from the fruit kept me alert until 11:30pm. Note to self: not to eat fruit so late at night.
lipewms lipewms
46-50, F
May 3, 2012