Day 17 - 189.5 - Lost 6 Pounds

Stayed the same weight and I'm happy being it was Friday night. I only had two meals yesterday and snacks and I walked for one hour. I had ravioli for both meals and being it's high in carbs, which I try to avoid, it really didn't do much damage to my weight. I only had 7 raviolis for one meal and then 5 for the next meal and loaded up the rest of the plate with veggies. My snacks were wasabi peas and my oatmeal peanut butter balls.

I want to maintain this 6 pounds for my three week weigh-in which is in four days. Might be hard cuz I see some festivities coming up today and tomorrow. What has helped me stay on this weight loss journey is the fact I have to reveal my weight online which is embarrassing for me.
lipewms lipewms
46-50, F
May 5, 2012