Day 19 - 192.0 - Lost 3.5 Pounds

OMG, what a difference a weekend can make! I just basically ate carbs all day yesterday and did no exercise, but really???? Gaining 2.5 pounds overnight???? Friday morning I was at 6.5 pounds lost and three days later.......

Oh, well, pity party is over. Today NO CARBS!!!!!! Except for a glass of wine with dinner cuz it's my b-day today. Wine is a carb but I can't deny myself everyday or I'll never learn to maintain weight loss for the rest of my life. I'll bring my own dressing to dinner and just have half my steak with my salad.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Thanks :) Focus on the little victories.<br />
<br />
I have resolve at this moment not to go overboard, but when I'm actually sitting at the restaurant w/fam will I break? Hope not :)

Happy Birthday and I wish u many more great years and please don't go