Phase 2 Day 13 - 175lbs

This morning I woke up to 175lbs and I was horrified. Feeling very down about it, I went to God about it and ask Him why? Well I came to the conclusion food is not the only thing that causes weight gain but stress too. I was so stressed yesterday when all these unexpected bills start to pop up and I was feeling out of control. And to top it off, I am ovulating.

Can't believe money had me so stressed but this morning after seeing my weight, I got dressed and headed to the gym. I walked 3.5miles, burnt 529 calories in 60mins. I felt good and now I am about to start my day.

I gave it all to God and I will do better today.

I am NOT going to be discouraged.Only 30lbs to go.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

You ar my driving force. My whole family knows about you and how excited I am when I read your stories. Personally, I can't take this journey alone. I really need your support. Lets keep at it.

Thanks for sharing that :) It sucks to gain weight and it plays such head games with me. I start to second guess everything. But like I said thanks so much for sharing the weight gain and your feelings, it really helps me. I seriously was going to stop my blogging and go away, I even had some cookies this morning to soothe myself, but luckily I stopped to see if you wrote anything today and luckily you did.<br />
<br />
We won't be discouraged!!!! We can do this!!!!! We can still do 30 pounds by whenever date we get there.