Phase 2 Day 14 - 174.0lbs

This morning I woke up late but I still went to the gym. I worked out for 50mins. I walked at 4mph, 50mins, 3.15miles and burnt 459 calories. I had to push myself because my goal was to burn 400cal and it looked like it was not going to happen and it did. At times when I was walking I increased my speed to 5mph and I ran. I was feeling like my legs were about to fall off but the sweat on my chest and my forehead made me push harder. I am so happy I did it.

Today I will be busy running errands. I am going to pack my lunch, water and a snack so that I would not be tempted to eat junk. Crazy thing that I read today at the gym is that it will be close this Saturday and Memorial weekend- bumma! Weekends are the toughest for me but I will have to get through it. Oh! and the gym is close regularly every Sunday so no workout but I will go to the park and play with my kids or even go swimming. I must keep busy.

Well bye for now till tomorrow. Another thingI will share my measurements tomorrow from my 1st day till now.
slim4ever slim4ever
31-35, F
May 9, 2012