Day 22 - 190.0 - Lost 5.5

I didn't give up yesterday, thank God! I was in some sort of funk yesterday being it was three weeks and I had not reached my goal of 6 pounds lost. I even started out the day eating a couple of cookies but then saw someone's comment (Slim4Ever) and that gave me encouragement. I didn't write down what I ate yesterday but from memory the cookies were breakfast, then went to a buffet (DANGEROUS) for lunch which I just had protein and veggies and then for dinner I had a salad. I walked for an hour out in the sun with my tunes on and that really lifted my spirits. The sun and music can sometimes be my best remedy for my funky moods.

You know, why is it that I have to use up all my week days just to go in and clean up what I did over the weekend. I hate that. And this weekend won't be any different with overindulging because I'm having people over all weekend and with people comes food and drink. Oh, and then Mother's Day, I forgot about that too!!!!!
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Enjoy the weekend with friends and family but watch your portions. Eat small portions and drink lots of water before eating. Also, find foods that are filling like veggies or carbs that are high in fiber, not forgetting protein. <br />
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We can do this.