Phase 2 Day 15 - 173.2lbs

Let me start off by saying I fell in to temptation around 9:30pm and I ate 2servings of honey bunches of oats and 1/2cup of 2%milk. I know if I did not eat that last night I might have been at an exact 1lb lost. Not going to fret about it but just do better.

Well I did say I am going to take my measurements and compare from when I 1st started. Here we go:
Waist:33 1/4", Hips:41 1/4" as of today. Previous waist 34 1/8" and hips 41 1/2". Well I lost almost an inch in my waist and for the hips pretty much nothing. I am not stessing it because I have only lost 4.6lbs since I started.

And the journey continues...
slim4ever slim4ever
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Nice loss on the waist :) and the scale, a double down win. That's where I lose all my weight first, my waist, and then the butt is the last place :( But you're smart that you measured yourself before starting. I didn't