Day 28 - 189.5 - Lost 6 Pounds

It helps when I write down everything I eat, drink and exercise, obviously, because I'm down 2 pounds this morning. Now, the question is will I do that every day? Probably not. I'll only do it when I'm frustrated with my weight loss. Wow, this is taking some time, day 28 is the start of week 4 and I should be at 8 pounds lost according to my goal, but I'm a female and my weight fluctuates from one day 0 to 4 pounds. At least that's what I have been tracking with this blogging. I never knew my body would do that, but I'm still ovulating so maybe that's a possible reason. I always thought it was impossible to gain 4 pounds one day and then lose two the next especially when I'm not binging. How can I gain 4 pounds when I'm trying to lose? I didn't think weight loss would be so radical. I guess I'm learning something new by doing this. The other thing I'm learning is that I don't really like revealing my weight gains. It takes all my moral character not to lie!!! It's still embarrassing even though on this site hardly anybody reads this, that's probably why I continue to reveal my gains. If a lot of people were reading this I probably would have quit a long time ago or not blogged on weight gain days due to being way too embarrassed. I don't get that about me at all.
lipewms lipewms
46-50, F
May 16, 2012