Phase 2 Day 26 177.8lbs

I am ashamed to even be here but I need to do this. I am huge. I am bloated and swollen all over. I am craving carbs. The only good thing is that my in-laws and my sister came to visit this weekend and mentally I feel great but I am not looking like myself. I know that monthly would be on Wednesday but this is absolutely crazy.

I am feeling a bit defeated. Also, today my aunt posted a picture of me on Facebook from 6years ago and I looked great. Back then I was struggling with my weight and now how I wish I was that size now. I really don't want to hate myself but to be honest I can't stand to see how I look. My stomach was so high this morning that my mother-in law noticed it. When she mentioned it I wanted to crawl under a rock and not be around anyone but I fought through it and went shopping with them.

This journey is getting the best of me and I don't know where or what to do at this point.

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1 Response May 21, 2012

I really think we could help each other. Each time I think I'm going to stop posting my weight losses/gains you post a story that inspires me and I don't want to give up. I have this GREAT dvd called Hungry For Change that I bought and I've watched it three times. I think it could really help you!!!!