Phase 2 Day 28 - 177.8lbs

Although I have not gain any more, I have decided to start ALL over. A fresh start but I am not going to reset my days but I will rest my mind. It is not over till I say it is over.I am alive and well and I am not going to give up. Forget about a particular day to reach my goal. I am refocused and I am back on track. Life has its ups and downs but its what we do when we are down that counts. I was down but I am going back up with strength and determination. I will finally get rid of the excess fat, once and for all.

This evening I am stronger and more determined to see my life change for the better. One of the things that woke up my spirit was seeing a report from my daughter's school of her weight gain. My daughter is overweight and I know it, but to see it on paper made me realize that I am partially to blame. I have to be an example for my baby girl. She is 10 and is at a crucial age where she needs to get her weight normal or she stands the chance of struggling like me. I love her and myself and God knows that I want to set a good example. I will hate to see her struggle the way I do.

Today I promise to make a permanent change in the foods that I eat and what I do to my body. I promise to honor my body with nutritional foods and regular exercise. I promise.

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1 Response May 23, 2012

Never give up :) and enjoy the journey :) I was watching Dr. Phil and he said to a 540 pound woman, "In the entire history of the world there's only been one you. There will only be one you. You are not defined by how much you weigh. You are defined by the uniqueness, the consciousness that is you. Believe in yourself enough to know that everybody's going to love you and value you."