I'm Not Getting Older...i'm Getting Better...

is my new mantra.  I've had my fair share of pain, suffering, sacrifice and at this point in midlife I've decided to write a new chapter.   At 46 I am reinventing myself.  Being a mom, wife, and caregiver to a son with a mental illness and daughter with cognitive disability resulted in extreme stress and health problems which almost killed me last year.   This year I've lost 70 pounds, returned to college and have a new career path that I'm studying towards.  I have a new man in my life and feel like a different woman.   I finally got everything under control and life is good.  I deserve to be happy.

want2Bhappy want2Bhappy 46-50, F 2 Responses Dec 4, 2008

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Happiness comes from within. Glad to see you are embracing it.

Good for you! I wish you all the best. I'm truly beginning to believe it happens to a majority of us--reinventing ourselves---I didn't consider it reinventing--I considered it the real me--came out--she had been supressed for years--at 45---she exploded!!! I love it! 51 soon and still loving it!