Ode To Chocolate

Oh chocolate, so sweet and good.

You bring Joy to my heart and calm to my mind.

How I dream of you.... Brown and glorious.

How I long for you...... rich and lucious.

Never will I forsake thee , never abandon,

Always will I be true to you, Oh magnificent confection.

Ever will I sing your praise,

Divine Fruit of the Gods CHOCOLATE!!!!!

CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
14 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I'm happy to say that I am having some delicious chocolate ice cream I made myself. Oh that ice cream machine was the best buy ever!

I MISS Ice Cream... you will eat a second bowl for me??? Right?

Send some my way..... pls pls plsplssssssss

Heeeeyyyyy, how you doin??? Lol, I ran across this while I'm waiting for Trpr to come home. Lol, I got my chocolate fix just reading your "ODE TO CHOCOLATE"......hmm....now the Queen has made her subjects hungry and I'm off to make some of that Mexican Chocolate sauce to dip my cinnamon twists in....YUM :) Hope you guys are having a good week!! ((HUGS))

I hope she does too. Miss Giggles maybe you could share some of those diabetic desert recipies ????? <br />
<br />
But yeah Dogs go nutz for chocolate, but it will kill them. but they can Eat carob , and they LOVE it.

Haha, I never thought of using Carob for doggie treats! But my dad was diabetic and my father-in-law and I learned to find all the stuff to use and make it still taste good. Not only stevia but I also use sucanat which tastes a bit like brown sugar. I hate to see anyone go without chocolate!!!! I got my addiction from my dad and he thought he could never have anything good again so we just sat down and went to work making desserts he could have. I still use carob and sucanat for myself just because it tastes good. I hope the other lady tries it!

Carob how did I forget.... I guess because I have only used it for doggies treats.

Aahhhh, I am bringing a case of Ghirardelli chocolates to the kingdom! Dig in!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
For poodles53.....Miss Giggles makes my dad chocolate turtles and fudge every year at Christmas and he is diabetic. She uses Stevia for the sugar substitute. It's all natural and diabetics can eat it. She uses Carob for the chocolate substitute. He loves them and I have tasted and they are really good. Ask your doctor if you could do that so you don't have to go through life without chocolate! :)

Oh noo. No chocolate :(((((( they do have diabetic chocolate :( but it isnt very good and if you eat too much you get the runns. :(((( 'm so sorry Poodles ((HUGGS))))

Oh chocolate! My weakness and I can't have it. Have diabetes and my blood sugar and chocolate do not get along. So sad!

I confess, Queen, I have a real problem saying no to the Mexican Chocolate Sauce your servant Giggles makes. It will make you break out in a sweat! Good stuff......

guess not. oh well.... give me my crown.. is it made of chocolate?????<br />
Giggles.... did you eat it?<br />
<br />
Huggs Nephew !!!

Hahaha, yes, it appears your assistant was keeping that tidbit of info from you....guess she didn't want you to get the big head!

I thought you where the queen... when did I get a promotion.. darn it I Never get the memo. I'm going to fire my assistant. :P

HAHAHA!!!! *Bows down in reverence to the Queen of the Chocoholics* I am honored to be in your presence :) I love this!! hehehe