Get To Know Your Queen Day

Just a few things you should know about your Queen:

She holds many titlles......

She enjoys a nice pot of tea  now and then........

She's very strong....don't fool with Queeny if you value your butt!

Can smell chocolate a mile away!!!

Takes no prisoners when fighting mad!!!!!

Enjoy's a good disguise so she can check up on the peasants.

And last, but not least, she is smart as a whip. Sooooooo........

If you think you can get away with snitching her chocolate..........


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9 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I loved some of them! I liked the one in disguise....hahaha.

ROFL!!!!!!!!! How cute are some of those pics sis!

None at all Sir. Hahaha, nap?? What nap?? When??? *runs like the wind and pulls covers over head* Sleeping now, Sir. *winks*

Ladies, you all are too much fun! Those pictures are a riot. Now I know what you were up to when you should've been taking a nap Giggles! *sighs and shakes head* I have no control do I?!

Thanks KittyC, we decided to get away from a bit of the drama and have some fun :)

AE ~ I know you belong in this kingdom!!! <br />
<br />

OMG Giggles sooo funny.... i LOVE the rodent Pics.. LOLOLOLOLOL

DIAPERS ON AISLE ONE!!!! Oh, and bring that mop pronto!!

OMG I'm Laughing so hard I'm gonna pee. ROF