Wow, I Love This!



Brooklynchick Brooklynchick
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6 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Hahaha, are you out of your mind trooper? Never tell Giggles "never" or you know what happens. She will surely find a way to have one of those fountains set up right in the middle of the bedroom LMAO!!!! You're in trouble now big boy ;')

OMG you people are out of control. I better never come home and find one of those in the middle of my livingroom! Are you listening little woman?? LOL I can see it now! I love chocolate but that is ridiculous!!

alteredego and CheekyG. I couldn't agree more. We should all have one of these installed in the house!!!! What will they think of next :)

LOL.......... YESS!!!!!!! I LOVE this. I want one of those fountains Installed in my house!!!!!!!

LMAO, you are a REAL chocoholic Tiny! I don't see how you stay thin and eat all that stuff!!

YIPPPEEEE! I wonder how much trouble would I be in if they caught me standing at the bottom with my mouth open :) OMG I love chocolate....white, light, dark --- JUST GIVE IT TO ME!!!! Lol