Didn't Think It Would Happen.

a lot of good things have happened to me since coming to ep, but now after seeing so much hate and discontent and criticism for having certain views on certain subjects, i'm starting to lose that lovin feeling. it's kind of sad when you beign to dislike something that at one time gave you such enjoyment and when people that you once talked to on a regular basis stop communicating with you and you have no idea why. that's just a few of the reasons why coming here isn't what it used to be.

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I agree! This site is no longer a comfort for me. I have joined certain groups where before I felt completely safe and accepted sharing my thoughts, but now a bunch of people who do not belong in those groups (i.e people without the diagnosis of the group ...such as I have adhd or such...) have joined to criticize and de-value what people are posting in groups. Also, EP newsletter is annoying me, and for a month now I have had the option to opt-out of the newsletter selected, and yet - nothing! I have emailed and messaged support and they want my PASSWORD so they can go onto MY account and look for themselves to make sure I CHECKED it right? So mad at ep . So mad that this is not the retreat it used to be. =[

i hear you. the atmosphere of late, the glitches, etc are all starting to get on my nerves and there was a time that i would have never said that.

Yeah. It's sad.

thank you, wanna. that was a nice thing to say :)

Dear Jerrica,<br />
The bigger this grows, the more it becomes like the real world, we this advantage that you still can choose what you want or not over here. In real life that sometimes is more difficult. And, I think, this is a great place to learn "things" and understand "People". Seeing how many "friends" some people have here, I understand why they can't keep their contacts up. Maybe it's an idea to ask EP to make 2 kinds of "friends". The real Friends and the other "Acquaintances", or Friends and "Best Friends". That way it's more clear to everybody who's who. I do not know you, but it would be a shame when you would leave. There would be an empty space.<br />
xxx<br />

and you're pretty great yourself, FB. i had forgotten about your health issues and i apologize for that. so you get a pass also lol. i'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better.

life would be a lot simpler if that's all there was to deal with. sorry to hear about your troubles with soon to be exes. hopefully all will be cleared up soon.

Hell, if all we had to deal with was our love for each other, it'd be a piece of cake.....it's more the respective soon to be ex's that cause all the stress!!!! Thank, Jerrica!!!!!

no problem. even i remember how love distracts us from everything else lol

@ nightsimp.......(((((((((((((Mel)))))))))))))<br />
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@ Jerrica...thanks for the pass,,,,lol!!!!

i don't understand what you mean, kingsgold.

if there is nothing to hate where will your find the special one to love?

it's ok, TL. being caught up in the throes of love, i forgive you if we haven't talked much lately lol. feeling like that must be nice. keeping friends close; thats good advice, nightsimp.

I soooooo know what you mean about being sensitive!!! And about losing some of the joy of EP. I have experienced the same thing...there are very few member with whom I talk daily...or even weekly, for that matter. Why?? I have no idea...but am willing to admit to the possibility that since I seem to get caught up in my love du jour, I am sometimes wholly unavailable for large chunks of time...lol!!<br />
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@LL...I soooooooo fuckiing agree about the administrators of this site. I really hate a lot of the changes that have taken place. The first thing I hated was their taking away the guru/guree status of friends....now, I can't seem to be able to copy and paste images into my stories, nor my PMs...I HATE these changes, and see no reason for their implementation!!!! What good do they do us?????<br />
<br />
Sorry to go on a rant of my own, Jerrica....if you do decide to take a break from EP, please PM me for my contact information....I'd hate to lose contact with you altogether!!!<br />
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lol. true, i usually don't give a rats ***. i guess that combined with a few other things has me feeling pissy. what i need to do is not take **** too seriously. i think that would help a lot but it's not easy when you're sensitive like me. damn being sensitive anyway!

well i never thought i would see the day were what other people thought, would upset you!!!

i'm a paying member too, laura. might have to rethink that one.

if people don't like your views, screw them. same thing goes for friends that ceased communication. screw them too. if it's less pleasurable for you, then step back or at least just stay in touch with the friends you have here and i know that's more than a few :)