I am so confused right now. I met a man 2 years ago online. We met in person and immediately hit it off. He was a single dad of 3 & I'm a single mom of one. I had no plans whatsoever to have any more kids. So I thought it was cool that my son would have siblings that I didn't have to carry. Lol. Last year his oldest daughter moved out & he had 2 teenaged kids left at home. We decided that they'd all move in during the holidays last year. Since then my life has been a wreck. He is downright the most selfish man I've met. I ask him for half of the bills. Which he pays, but if I ask him for additional money for food his attitude is that he just gave me $. Meanwhile he has 3 people in my house (he & his 2 kids). His 2 kids tag team on the food. I've never seen someone consume so much food. He was recently in a car accident which required surgery & a hospital stay. I found out that he didn't have any health insurance or car insurance & he was at fault. He works but refuses to pay for health insurance. He also still receives bills for the home that he left to come to my house. The home belongs to a family member. The utilities are still in his name. They are astronomical. The kids mother is an egg donor. She literally bought her kids nothing for school. When he asks for money she tells him to tell me to do it. Since I make twice my fiances salary & 3 times the kids moms salary, they believe I should pay more than them. The fiance literally never takes me out. About 90% of the time I ask him if he wants to go out and I wind up paying for it. His kids play sides. They go to their mothers house & tell her a bunch of lies about me. They tell her that I talk negatively about them, etc... Which I have never done. They fight in my house & put holes in my walls. They do not respect my home at all. They stuff plates with food under the couch, etc.... I've let the refrigerator go bare to see if the fiance will buy food for his family & he doesn't. I wind up buying food because my son has to eat. It's beginning to be too much for me. I need advice on how to end this. I know I deserve better.
stepmominpgh stepmominpgh
41-45, F
Aug 31, 2014