Working Out

Man oh man am I tired....just finished a 75 minute workout.

When most of us think of work outs we think gymnasiums and gym junkies.

There are so many ways to get a great work out and now that summer is just around the corner for us here in North America there are so many
activities to get us feeling great whilst realising those toxins and endorphins.

Some include:

Riding your bike to work (saves the enviroment, saves you money and gives u a great work out)

Running (to work or in general)

Playing many sports an the great thing is that there are that many different sports out there for you to pick from where do we begin:

baseball, Hockey (field, floor and ice), Basketball, Golf, Gridiron (American Football/Arena Football), Softball, Teeball, Volleyball. Beach Volleyball.

Then aside from the main stream there is Cricket, Australian Football, Rugby, Badminton, Table Tennis and Lawn Bowls to name a few.

Not sure if many of you have been watching the French Open from Paris the past 2 weeks but there is some great action going on and Tennis is a great way to get a great work out whether you are a first timer or an experienced veteran you get a whole body work out and is highly enjoyable. For those with little or no confidence in the sport you can get private lessons or in a smaller group which cost a little less (thats how I started out).

Good luck with your fitness goals!

RJ :)
RJ7777777 RJ7777777
Jun 3, 2011