I'm Losing Weight

During the two months that my son had stayed with me I wasn't eating much but packs of ramen noodles because I didn't have money to buy for both of us so I bought for him.  I started losing weight and I have dropped 20 pounds so far.  My son has been out of here for two weeks and since I have lost 20 pounds I may as well continue to lose.  I don't want to eat another bowl of ramen noodles again unless I'm broke and starving!  I can buy food for myself now and I am on a cabbage soup, broccoli and carrot diet that's letting me lose mass and keeps me full.  I eat twice a day and ONLY when/if I am hungry.  My body is ready for the museum but I have started doing a work out too.  I prefer going for walks but it's really much to hot for that now and I will have to wait until the end of October probably before I can begin that exercise.  I work out 45 minutes to a hour twice a day.  I'm not doing a rapid weight loss program but what I am doing is making the weight come off within reason.  I take supplements so as to not suffer from malnutrition and I occasionally have white meat chicken for protein.  I think I will reach my goal weight by January which is what I want.  If I reach it before then that's fine too.  My birthday is on September 29th and I would REALLY like to drop at least 15 more pounds by then. The reason being is that I want to travel to SC and celebrate my birthday with my daughter who is stationed there with the US Army.  She hasn't seen me in a year. I wasn't huge when she left here but I wasn't exactly thin either.  I want to surprise her by looking even smaller.  I am looking forward to going there. 
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Aug 12, 2007