Benefits Of Exercise

I would not be able to cope with life if I did not exercise a lot on a regular basis. It helps me get rid of anger and depression. I feel better about myself, have more energy, am more alert at work, more optimistic, happier to do work, easier to get along with, sense of accomplishment, etc.

I don't have any exercise equipment at home. I workout at the gym (lucky enough to have an excellent one near home) and enjoy the great outdoors through bicycling, canoeing, walking, skiing (downhill & cross country), etc.

I do at least one half hour of cardio, usually on the elliptical machine and at least one half hour of swimming. Swimming is the only exercise that is both cardio and strengthening as in lifting weights. I also lift weights and go on the rowing machine occasionally.

It takes a while to work up to this, but take your time, start out with 20 minutes or a half hour. Don't lift weights 2 days in a row. Always workout again within the next day or two when starting a new exercise to get rid of the soreness. If you don't, you will be in pain for a week! Been there, done that.

You Tube has a lot of great swimming videos and tips, the library has good videos and books on how to be a better swimmer. I never get bored swimming because there are so many things to think about when you  concentrate on technique.

Don't be self conscious in a bathing suit or in workout clothes at the gym. Most people there admire everyone for making an effort. Most people at the gym are nice because working out makes people nicer.

I would like to know about your results.

LovesJeanValjean LovesJeanValjean
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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

I pretty much hibernate during the winter, but in the other 3 seasons I am either kayaking, mountain biking, jet ski, scuba diving and swimming... Plus I LOVE my Harley... Ann Arbor has an awesome road called HURON RIVER DRIVE and it is great for bike rides!!