I'm exhausted. Trying to make a relationship work when the other person could care less about your wants is hard. Hell I'd settle for knowing my emotional needs. I wish God would have given men and women lock and key, so if the key didn't fit we could move on in minutes instead of wasting 4 years of my and your life. What do you do when you love someone but your not in love and you know she's not in love with you? Hell she doesn't even respect me. Oh well time to start all over......yeah I wasn't perfect either but I forgave her. Women seen to never truly forgive and long after the first few years, everything is done out of obligation. Yes I'd like to be married, but I need someone who cares about me and less about stuff that doesn't matter...I'm getting off the chronic fatigue sexless emotional roller coaster...I'm tired! Thanks for letting me rant...
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Marriage takes work. It can be tiring. And that "in-love" feeling, well it waxes and wanes. But if you're married, you both made some vows. They are "for better or worse". Right now, it sounds like the worse. I hope you guys can get some help. Attend some counseling and talk/listen in a way that can be received. There was something that drew you together and made you love one another enough to get married. And if you believe in God - well, if you believe that Jesus was raised from the dead - then you can believe He can do something with your dead marriage. Hang in there!

Sorry to hear about your situation. It's not worth the emotional stress to stay in a relationship like that.