Walmart - Yesterday, I went to Walmart with my dad. We went there because he had to look for some fishing supplies for his trip next week. I was wearing low-rise jeans and a red North Face jacket. As my dad left to go look for his stuff, I went to the Subway inside Walmart to have dinner. As I was telling the worker what I wanted on my sandwich, I was slightly bending and had some of my thong showing. The man behind me told his wife, "Wow, you don't see that everyday." After my sandwich was made, I sat down at a table with a backless chair. When I sat down, my jeans fell down a bit and more of my thong was showing. I finished my dinner and felt that I spent enough time showing in the Subway, so I left to go find my dad. I was walking through the store when I came across the clothes section. I decided to spend 5-10 minutes and I texted my dad letting him know where I was. I was squatting down looking at some low-rise with my thong showing when my dad came. I didn't see him coming, so I had no time to pull up my pants. I know he saw my thong because he was standing directly behind me. My dad asked me if I was ready to leave and I told him just give me a couple minutes because I'm looking at the jeans.

He waited a couple seconds before he said "So…your into the low-rise jeans?" And I answered with "Yeah." He then asked me "Why?" I thought about it and I said "Because I like the way they feel."

He slowly nodded his head and told me to meet him by the exit. When he left, I grabbed three pairs of low-rise jeans and tried them on. I squatted down and looked in the mirror and I decided to buy them. After checking out, I met up with my dad and left.

In the car ride home, I knew he was thinking about what to say. We were almost home when he told me "Maybe you should start wearing a belt." I looked at him and said "Why?" He told me "I just thought that since your wearing low-rise jeans, it will help keep your pants up so your buttcrack or under won't show." I carefully thought about this and I told him that "I'll think about it because I don't think I need a belt because I never had my thong or buttcrack show" (total lie). He looked at me and I could tell he was thinking about telling me what happened back in Walmart but I guess he decided not to.

I found a picture of the amount of thong that I was showing on the Internet.

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What might've happened if he'd seen your buttcrack instead of your thong?

mmmm so hard

I love doing this also if you would like to see some of my pictures PM me have fun

nice horns

awesome story! thanks for sharing. what kind of thong were you wearing? what color was it?

Emily, around 15 my daughter was into low rise jeans, and I was not... what we went shopping for school clothes and she would try jeans on I would make her lift her shirt and squat. . .She was not happy but complied. . . I told her just keep in mind if daddy sees you crack popping out you will be popping your bottom out over daddy's knees, then let her decide what to buy. . . . . . . .

very sexy wish I was at Walmart on that day