It's Getting Ridiuclous.

I started here in late December. Everyone was warm and welcoming. There were hints of drama, but it wasn't too overwhelming. I liked it a lot.

It wasn't long before drama and ridiculing started. It's only gotten worse. While I've managed to stay out of it for the most part, it's still making me sad. I thought this was supposed to be a site where people try to help each other, not bring each other down.

It's not just the way other people are treating each other that makes me think EP is becoming unhealthy for me. I was afraid of this from the beginning, but chose to disregard it.

I'm becoming far too dependent on this site.

I've made great friends here, yes. But I'm choosing these people over my real-life relationships. It's not that I'm allowed to go many places anyway, but I'm sure I could be a lot more social if I wasn't so enthralled in cyberspace. And these relationships just bring me down. I love some of these people dearly. I love talking with them, love sharing stories. But the longing in me for real friendship isn't getting fulfilled. Rather, I find myself depressed that I'll probably never meet these people. It's saddening me more than anything.

I'm the eleventh person to join this group, so it is evident that I'm not the only one (and ironically, most of the people who joined are in my circle).

I don't know what I'm going to do. I know I won't stop completely. I think I may just need to start limiting my intake of this site. We'll see if that happens.
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Thank you so much. I hope we do as well.

I'm hoping so, Sagi. And nah... you could never be too optimistic.

Thank you, all. You're very encouraging. I appreciate it more than words can describe.

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes and fulfill different needs. Though it is not healthy to devote all of your time to cyber friends, they make no less of an impact on you life than your physical friends.<br />
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I, too have seen changes here that are not positive ones but I think that, as in the physical world, communities are dynamic and constantly evolving. I believe EP is just experiencing 'growing pains' as its popularity has increased. I also feel that, given time, this will all settle down and its original purpose will reemerge.<br />
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Take a break if you need to, but know that there are good people and friendships to be had here!

the people above have left good comments. so i'll just say that i feel privileged to have gotten to know you. ((hug))

I think that things are pretty crappy around here at the moment. Maybe it's just another cycle, maybe it's a trend for the worse.<br />
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There's a shortage of kindliness and a surplus of anger, I think, even from some people that I normally think highly of. (Because meeting other people's persceived wrong-doings with anger breeds only more anger; conflict heals no wounds).<br />
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I remember that you had similar concerns in the past, and I guess some of those things are not going to shift, because you're right: e-based friendships are just not the same as real life ones. For some of us, that difference is not important, but for others it matters too much to overlook. Personal preference, I think.<br />
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I'm thinking that a healthy way to use this site would be as a life extension, just a little room to the side, where one can come to park some tales and thoughts, and hang with people from time to time...<br />
<br />
Anyway, good luck, Loraci!

Ha, you made me smile with that little AA remark. And it's true; they are real friendships. But, with the no physical contact and such... it's just not the same. A "gesture hug" does no justice to a real one.

I think it is a good idea to limit yourself when you start feeling this way. But it's not totally unrealistic to think that you could meet some of your friends here one day. And it is a "real" friendship here, just not very healthy if it keeps you from making friends outside of cyberspace. I understand what you are saying though, it is a longing for face time with friends you can touch right now. I think a lot of people feel this is unhealthy at times but it's like AA, they just haven't come out and confessed it yet. :-)

Yes. I don't think I could leave for good.