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How Sick Can These Bastards Get ?

peza peza 51-55, M 4 Responses Feb 7, 2013

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Conservatives are sick. How many of them have public or publicized town hall meetings with non campaign contributors?

when Islam was real, khalifas -who were the leaders of muslims at that time, gave up all forms of luxury and wealth for the grant of financing the "house of muslims finance"! He used to live the least in wealth amongst all muslims! Google: omar ibn Abdel-Azeez, Omar ibn Elkhattab, Othman ibn Affan, ali ibn abi Talib, Abo Bakr Elsideeq! And before them all, our Guru, our moallem, Mohammad ibn Abdullah ( peace be upon them all).

Yes, I have seen this video...posted a story with it in it, scroll to bottom...same

Check !

What ? a school without guns? I bet they would rather have boring books in it?

Yep, I bet they want to teach our kids history too!!

They've demonstrated that basic math is confusing. Numbers don't easily bend into talking points.