One Is A Lonely Number.

I didn't like this group because I'm horny or something like that, I just have this emptiness inside me sometimes that makes me feel sad sometimes. I see happy couples getting along, laughing, being together, holding hands and the sweetness of that relationship makes me yearn for something more. Like every other being in this world I too want to find my better half. Someone who I feel completes me(cheesy I know).
In person if you ask me I'd never admit it, I'm all for independence and living free and living large, but at night as I snuggle under the covers I want nothing more than for someone to hold me till I fall asleep. To whisper sweet nothings in my ear, make me laugh and feel like the luckiest girl in the world.. It's true what they say, one is a lonely number.
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10 Responses Jan 5, 2011

This made me cry.... I feel just like you....

I feel exactly the same. All i want is to walk through the door when i get home from work and have someone who will give me a big cuddle and a kiss.

I hate going to bed on my own, and imagine what it feels like to have someone hold me and stroke my hair as i fall asleep.

I watch tv and wish i had someone next holding my hand.

I just fantasize that I'm being held when I go to sleep at night. It's a way of loving and holding myself until I find someone to hold me. And I know that I'm soft and warm and have smooth, feminine skin and one day someone is going to enjoy me.

I can see this bothers you on an emotional level, I would like to offer a good word, but there are few to make this easier.<br />
Like any other epic journey the success is built during the preparation and right now you are building the personal strength to offer the other when you find them. You are already making your list of needs and enjoyable moments.<br />
Preparing is not the fun part. like school it doesn't get fun until college but the grade school and high school experience counts for something then.<br />
You sound great and you are learning, evolving and making your choices. Perfect.<br />
Know what you want and then when you are ready, and least expect it, bang, it will happen and you will know exactly what to do.<br />
Don't be lonely, be self satisfied that you are doing all the right things at just the right time and you will get all the right results.<br />
I think you are very cool.

I am something liek you. I can partly admit, that I need someone, but ingeneral I pretend, that I don't need anyone. I am ashamed to admit my weaknes.

um lol? no thankyou. =)

I'm here... Seeking the same close human contact as you...but to a much deeper commitment...everything inclided! If you want me tell me!

@strangeone94, that is exactly how I feel! Lets hope we all find what it is we're looking for in life=)

Thankyou :)

Awww.. I'm feeling just the same as you. Everytime that I see a couple walking, hold hands etc... I feel a bit sad and envy them. Asking myself when will it be me walking like that with my one.. holding hands, hugging... But then I say that everything will happen in its time... and at the least expected moment. <br />
We just have to be awake and pay attention... and above all to be Patient! :)