I Want Affection, Passion And Love

Married to a man with aspergers and P@rn addiction, I was living in a marriage that was virtually sexless. Then he cheated on me with someone else because he'd rather be robotic in bed than passionate. I was desperate to be intimate with the man and he went outside the marriage??? I love affectionate people, I love holding hands, cuddling, I love passionate sex. I love to be touched. I love to be teased. I love to recipricate. My former boyfriends thought I was great in bed. I just want someone who will be affectionate, who will cuddle me, who will touch me, who will kiss me all over and want to be with me. I want to hold hands with someone, to cuddle, to spoon in bed, to make passionate love to, to make me feel desirable (BTW not a call for creeps to write dirty to me, just a wish in the real world). I'm a passionate woman, I just want to find my affectionate passionate man...
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May 23, 2012