Just One Kiss...

and I'm good again for another ten years. lol Ugh... it's crazy... does anyone think I'm an *** for wanting a kiss, and to be held, to make out...?
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Your welcome! My thoughts are that without kissing, it really limits your passion. Having said that, some people are not good solid romantic kissers. I am just out of a 10 year relationship and truthfully my boyfriend wasn't a creative kisser. His kissing seemed to be limited, but we did have alot of cuddling, passion, sex and general physical affection for one another so I didn't let it bother me. Kissing is truly an art and many ways to turn someone on with variety! I have dated a few men recently and experienced different styles of kissing. If I found someone not good at it again, I think I would pass on that person because it truly is an important component in a relationship for me. Even now at 51 yrs old, I feel that great kissing is more important to me than it ever was! Keep on trying!

Yay, thanks Kdow! :)

You are not crazy.......making out is awesome at any age!