I Hate This Quote.

I've seen it in a fortune cookie and I've seen it on face book.

"Learn to befriend yourself and you'll never be lonely."

It is not true. Look at human beings from the perspective of a zoologist. You wouldn't create a habitat for just one chimpanzee and expect it to be a healthy happy creature, right? Well, what makes anyone think it's all right for people? We're social animals. We need to connect with others. How can anyone believe you can live a solitary existence your whole life, befriend yourself and never be lonely?

It's the world we live in. Independence is admired, loneliness is a weakness and so is admitting we're starved for affection. Your skin is your body's biggest organ. Touch is the ultimate pleasure and is vital to our well being. Without it we suffer from skin hunger. There should be no shame in longing for hugs and kisses.

sensualloveroflife sensualloveroflife
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

This is so true. Thank you for this. I was starting to think there is something really wrong with me. There is, but it is not my fault. I guess that has to be good enough.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. I feel at times as if I am starving for even the smallest contact, the lightest touch. I was isolated and denied affection and touch for so long that at times it seems I am trying to make up for my lack of it. I know that I make some people uncomfortable when I prolong a hug or just want to hold hands, but I just can't help myself. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder why our society admires the unnatural and unhealthy when these things only cause discomfort and distress.