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Okay I'm sorry for my bad spelling as I have learning problems . Well it all started when I was 16 fell pregnant with my daughter who will be 1 year old on Xmas day . I was very thin befor I fell pregnant , then the pounds started piling on and on and on . After I had Rihannon I looked at my body in the mirror and wasnt that botherd about it , untill the names and the bulling started from my partner he calls me to this day ( fat ****) go lose waight you ugly fat basterd) ect and it had got to the point where I just want to die sum times because I hate my body so much ! I've tryed the gym but it's hard with a 1 year old . So I'm gunna give this a good go !! Any tips for me? And how Long befor I see a difference thanks and sorry for the spelling !x
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Work out at home. Run in place hard. For about an hour non stop, you will burn tons of calories. But don't think for one second that if you kill yourself your daughter won't suffer the consequences because she will. She needs her mommy. There is no stronger bond. She doesn't care how you look, she loves you no matter what. she just wants you to provide for her and love her. Be a good remodel. As for your boyfriend do your daughter really needs a man like that in her life, she will learn this is a man's love. That is not healthy

If your partner is insulting you with names like thay then I don't think he's doing what he's supposed to be doing. Men are supposed to be supporting women, specially after birth because that's when they start to feel self concious of the way they look. As for losing weight, I know it's going to be tough, but the cheapest and best way to lose weight is to eat healthy, exercise at least one hour everyday, and get as much rest as you can. It takes so much self control not to eat when it's so tempting, but you'll feel so happy when you get the figure you want back. And whats the point of falling to temptation, you'll jusf beat yourself up afterwards! Stay strong and ignore your very unsupportive partner! All the best to you and you'll be in my prayers, I gurantee it :))