This Is My Home Now.

I've had a rough few months and I finally got into another home. I'd actually considered giving it up and moving into housing whenever it became available but as of the minute I realize it would be a mistake to walk away from where I am right now.  This place has new everything and I have contributed to improvements and it would be a stupid mistake to leave and I've made enough of those already with my daughter. So here I am and here I will stay for the next 20 years or as long as I live. I do not want to move again and this cottage is in an excellent location for me. The manager and his wife are nice, friendly people and none of the other residents bother me. It's so quiet and serene too. I won't get carried away with the feeling of being happy because things happen and my world could fall apart just as easily as it did before.  When the application comes through from housing I will turn it down.

I am no longer on speaking terms with my daughter who caused my health and home life to spiral out of control to near destruction and consequently I will not be able to have contact with my grandchildren as I said.  It is my only regret.

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1 Response May 11, 2007

I bet you'll find a way to see your grand children. They need you, and I believe you need them too. I have read your stories, and you have come a long way from your first posting. Keep it up! It sounds to me like you are too much of a winner to give up on those kids. I don't know what to say about your daughter except it sounds to me as though she's addicted to something and it has overtaken her life. That's why I think those grandchildren need you so they can see, life shoiuldn't be the miserable existence your daughter has shown them. I'm going to lift you up in prayer when I get done writing this. Keep your chin up! keep a good thought and take it one day at a time. I'll be keeping tabs to see how you're doing. Congratulations on the progress you have made since March. You are amazing!