2 more days til my man is realeased! I'm so excited I haven't seen him in 3 months! And only in the last month been in contact with him over the ph as he is several hours away from here. I was feeling a bunch of anxiety a few days ago as we've had a terribly abusive past as he has drug induced psychosis and I've endured many of his episodes becos at the same time we are both insecure he was very passionate with his feelings towards us as a family with our 2 young children. often he'd believe his worst fears which would provoke an episode. He was extremely jealous and think I was doing things behind his back, so to try gain his trust and show him how much I try to love him, I closed myself off from the outside world.. Having him in jail I feel I've almost found myself again, and the way he talks feels as though he is motivated to do the right thing, he's been weaned off drugs for almost 9 months because as a result of that he lost us for a bit. But I've seen huge positive changes in him and I know he loves us so much, he's on medication and taking the right steps to be drug free and hopefully violent free too not just with me but with others. I miss him like crazy, we've had some amazing adventurous times together and from almost day one fell in love with each other instantly, almost 4 years later here we are :) 2 days to go!! I want to do the best for us too.. But we'll be taking baby steps (hopefully) to work on our relationship and young family
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My question is. Am I playing with fire? Or doesn't everyone deserve another chance? Medievally considering the huge positive changes he's made