I Have Lot's Of Friends, But?

What, no babies out there? Now, I know your out there, so come on, waddle up and babble a lil something  :  )

lil1swet lil1swet
7 Responses Mar 16, 2010

: )

My advice is that you sneak and hide. What I mean is that if you are a teen and someone finds out about it, they will not understand it. It something they don't understand. If you are like me then when you get the chance to give yourself this feeling, do it. I used to hide all my things when I was older, but I guess I wasn't a good hider. Be careful, but don't stop the good feeling : )

What advice would give to someone who wants to be a teen baby? But also kinda doesn't. I know doesnt make much since. But idk i like the idea just i feel weird saying it..

Don't you leak out in a Pull-Up, Charlieboy4? Sometimes, when I am to lazy to change out of my Goodnite and diaper up, I'll fall asleep but I always wake up soaked so I have to get up and change the top sheet (I keep a plastic baby sheet on my bed) cus I don't really care for a wet bed.

I wear a pull-up to bed, too

Ahhh, the lil bedwetter still need his diapers at night, how cute : ) THXs for the comments Toddler!!!

I not a baby, I'm 5. But sumtimes I stiww gotsa wear diapers cuz I has accidents at nite. But I wike to be tweated wike a baby sumtimes too. Dat makes me feew loved.