Childlike, Not Childish.

I think it a wonderful thing to keep that child like quality of seeing the world as a bright, wonderful, exciting place. To take in with awe the things you see in life everyday. To never let the ordinary become mundane, but to welcome it with a warm heart and bright smile.

To be Childlike and not childish, which is petty, cruel and unforgiving, is one of the best qualities that one can retain from growing up.

I'm proud to be childlike in the way I perceived many things, and I hope you are too.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I totally agree with you here. Most friends would call me childish because I still like running around and playing children's games. But then I would correct them and say that I am not childish, but rather, CHILDLIKE.

So many can't seem to make that distinction, childish is petty, often cruel and immature, while childlike is full of wonder, delight and joy. Take delight in your childlike qualities, for children almost always see things without the bias that we learn as we age.