Still An Innocent Virgin

Maybe because i'm way too different than a normal girl. I only had one boyfriend and i may seem mean or unkind, we only went out together because it was expected of me. my friends forced it since they say his nice enough.may family okayed it since his nice enough. but i guess that's that.

i haven't met anyone to make me really feel "fall in love"

i'm already 21. never kissed, virgin, (almost molested). My small boobies are almost innocent (since someone tried to molest when i was a kid). Nevertheless, i'm purely a virgin. I haven't tried anything. As in completely cover to cover innocent and virgin.

ayomay ayomay
18-21, F
4 Responses May 14, 2012

Dont worry !
I m also a virgin at 21 !

You sound like a confident girl. You will find someone someday. You are gorgeous also!!

That's awesome. I'm glad someone has the self control to wait for love. Wish I would've waited for my love. But hey, what can I say? The past is the past.

ah. i know that feeling. the feeling of desperation of wanting for someone to make your heart race. the thrill of falling in love. how did your boyfriend treat you? i mean, is he your typical sweet boyfriend that does all the cliche stuff romance stuff? <br />
<br />
well, anyways, it depends really on you what type of guy you're into. and dont be too hard on yourself. if you and your boyfriend doesnt have that spark that you're looking for, then a little waiting for that right person wont hurt. X3