Want to Have Her ...discreetly

Romantic submissive woman ....preferred... I am very masculine but yet....sweet and then...
 well you could find out. I do have woman friends. I was raised with strong family values so I want to do this discreetly. Well, there is this one woman but she is married, Damn she is very sweet  feminine and sexual well what people call sexual!

I have fooled around, but have not penetrated a woman's beautiful body... for sexual intercourse. Well, there is an older woman 34, that really appreciates me and vice versa but she is married go figure!!!

Is being a male virgin bad, to you? But i am not a virgin to the romance and its pleasures...
mancaringlove mancaringlove
26-30, M
1 Response May 23, 2007

it´s not a bad thing.. if a women likes you she woundlt mind to find you out..