Why I Am

I'm still a virgin because I want my first time to be with someone I love. I have seen too many people get into a relationship, have sex, and then the couple go to war with each other. In my view sex is suposed to bring people together not tear them apart.

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18-21, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2008

That's Monogamy Dude, Not Sex! There Are 4 Love Relationships In This World: Monogamy ( 1 On 1 ), Polygamy ( 1 Man, Many Women! ), Polyandry ( 1 Woman, Many Men! ), Polyamory ( Many Loves For Both Men And Women! ). If You Are Afraid Of Pain Then Monogamy Is Not For You! Look Up The Other Love Relationships And Learn All About Them! See Which One Is Right For You! I Was Just Like You But Now I Am On A Mission To Learn The Art Of Sex! I Know Exactly What Kind Of Love Relationship I Want Now! I Am Looking For A Virgin Asian Girl To Have Sex With! I No Longer Have A Fear Of Love But I Now Have A Fear Of Not Satisfying Women! A Virgin Can Never Satisfy Someone Who Is Not, So You See It's Important To Me That I Have Sex With A Virgin! I Care Less For My Own Satisfaction, I Just Deeply Care About Satisfying My Female Partners! I Never Had People On My Side, So Polyamory Is The Right Love Relationship For Me! I Plan On Working In Asian Country's Where I Will Start My Training In Sex And Making Friends Along The Way! At The Same Time I Want To Make Polyamory Known And Accepted World Wide! Gays Are Accepted So Way Not! I Was Born And Raised To Learn And Understand That Which Is Different From Me, And To Accept The Fact That We Are All Human Beings Regard Less!