I'm not really comfortable talking about this, but here it goes..... Sex. I'm a 15 year old girl and still a virgin. My friends talking about having sex with their boyfriends or whoever they are sexually active with while I just sit there awkwardly. Some of my friends are still virgins, but it's just bothering me. My cousin was telling me about her first time and how she was having sex and it makes me want to do it. I've always wanted to do it, but I'm scared. I wanted to wait for the right person. I don't know if I should yet. I'm stuck between staying a virgin or letting it go. My virginity is really important to me. My friends egg me on about doing it, but I just don't know. I got finger popped once, but it hurt. The person who did it was doing it fast and hard like I was used to getting that. I never did it ever since. That happened in June. A boy that I talk to wants to do that, but I told him no. He also wants to eat me out, but I'm scared. I don't know why. Hopefully I'll overcome that fear and just do it. Is it normal that I'm scared to let him do that? I'm not a girl that kisses people or do nasty things. I just had my first kiss with a boy in March and only kissed 3 people throughout my whole life. Only 2 people ever touched me down there, but not my breasts really. Approximately only once. That's about it. I'm not like these other girls out here that are sexually active and stuff. I barely go outside, I like to read, write, watch weird things on the internet and play video games. I'm really quiet. I have friends and all, but I really don't interact with other people. I'm just a weirdo like everybody calls me :( But anyways, yeah. I don't know if I want to have sex yet. Can anyone help?
Ifellinahole Ifellinahole
Aug 15, 2014