Found Out Sex Wasn't The Answer At All...

 I'm 19 and still a virgin. When I was in school all of the other girls minus a few were at it like rabbits. Aside from anything, I didn't want to do it with just anybody... I didn't feel physically comfortable with my own body and I never had a serious boyfriend to even consider such a thing. It was still difficult though to know that if people knew I held onto my V then there was potential to be put down. when your young and don't know much of the world I suppose peer pressure is a big deal.

As I got older I had boyfriends that came and went but nothing serious and I still refrained from doing it, because it was like an opportunity for possible rejection in my eyes. I just wasn't ready, wasn't sure I'd ever be ready and at the same time terrified I'd end up dying a virgin.. As I got older, learnt more about myself and why I was insecure I learnt that it's really not a big deal. I think alot of those girls in school were just seeking validation by dropping their knickers and I'm glad I didn't succumb. I'm glad that when I have sex it will be with somebody and I'll be ready and willing to do it - not doing it to be accepted, for social pressure or because of any kind of fear. 

I think sex is a valuable thing in a relationship - the kind of relationship I've not had yet - but should be experienced as an act of love and really felt. So I'm not so bothered these days - I've let go of my fear of being single and I've overcome lonliness - with those the need to have sex to prove myself has also gone. So yay for self validation and self love! :)

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