Being Wash By Mum

This used to be in confessions, but now i have decided to make it a story.
It was embarrasing to even write this at first but now I just want to hear from people with the same experiences.
Did it feel strange? are you still embarrased? or was it natural for you?
or perhaps you are a mother that still bathes your adult children?
I want to connect with you and hear about your experiences.

My story:

My aunty who is like a mother to me ( as I lived with her for most of my teenage years) used to bath me in the kitchen when I was growing up. To her I was like a son she never had, as she never did get married.

She would put a basin on the floor and I would stand in it while she would wash my hair and scrub me down.

I have this memory of one of her good friends, she would always come around to visit or dropped by at least every second day as she lived up the road.
Sometimes my aunty would be bathing me and when her friend came in my aunty would shout out saying that she's in the kitchen bathing me.
Her friend would then come into the kitchen and have a conversation with my aunt while I was completely naked. It was very natural for them like an every day thing, they went on as if nothing unusual is happening.

As i became older (16+) it became a little uncomfortable for me and I protested every time she let some adult in while bathing me.
She would say things like "don't be silly your still a young boy" Like it was the most natural thing in the world. My aunty always preferred to have people around to talk with while bathing me because it made the chore less dull.

Now that i am an adult i visit her from time to time, and when I visit her she would always reminisce about fond memory of my teenage days wiht her, how she brought me up and invariably about how she used to bath me.

About a year or so ago I was staying over at her place and I was going to have a shower when she asked me if she could wash me instead for old times sake. I was tentative at first but later agreed even though it felt really strange at the time.

She told me to undress while she set out the basin on the kitchen floor, I was still embarrassed, While undressing I stop short of removing my underwear. My aunty saw this and came over to comfort me. She put her arms around me and held my hand, saying it was okay to do this and that I was being silly as she has seen me naked many times. When it finally came off she chuckled and said that I haven't changed all that much, and that I was still her "little boy" no matter what.

When the water and her hands came into contact with my body I felt a feeling I haven't felt for a long time, a feeling of closeness, a maternal feeling with my aunty that during my teenage years I was too embarrassed to admit. I was glad for this bond with my adopted mother, and glad that I had rediscovered this feeling again.

I now live with her again and almost every day she bathes me. She is like a mother to me. For her to bathe me feels like the most natural thing in the world now.
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Well, I am now 24 and my brother, 13, now lives with me. He is always getting dirty, and I decided to give him a bath to show him how to properly clean him self. I told him what was going to happen whether he liked it or not. He protested, so I gave him a few bare bottom smacks, and he finally said ok, fine, we will do it. So I bring him to the washroom, and get off his clothes i hesitate when I reach his knickers, as he is a young boy hitting puberty, he just says please don't, but I say, sweetie, I have to, you get in too much of a mess for me to just let it keep happening. So I stand him up, hug him, and pull down his knickers to find a full erection! He was so embarrassed! I said it's ok, hon, you will be fine! So I put him in the bath, show him how to bathe his body, and I wash his bum, when I get to his penis, he starts to go red faced. I try to comferting him, but he breaks out in tears! I pick him up out of the water, and hug and kiss him, and I tell him that he is so cute! And he doesn't have to be embarrassed! But of course, he still is. I just say honey, don't be upset, I am not going to say anything about your body, besides, it's perfect, and so are you! After I ease him back into the water and he puts his hand on his penis, he did not want me to touch it. I just am so annoyed by this point, that I pull his hands off, and give him a hard wash on his penis and balls, and then pick him up, throw him in bed and say, sweetie, I am not trying to embarrass you hon, but you need to let me bathe you next time, you are perfect, and I would never, ever say or tell anyone different! He smiles and hugs me, and now when ever the little squirt gets too dirty, he is still embarrassed, but he lets me bathe him.

I can relate to this. A close family member bathed me few times a month. Although it was plain and simple, being a in my late teens and early 20s had some effect on the experience which was conveniently ignored.

yes I can relate to this.

I no longer have such a bonding but yearn for one.

my marriages failed because really what I wanted was not a sexual relationship,
but a maternal bonding such as you had with aunty

I still bathe my 19 year old son from head to toe,front to back and there are no sexual condentations. And because he sports a rather thick dark pubic area, I clip the hair short under and around his crotch/groin area. We enjoy the time together. .

Hi Orneida I am 17 and my mum bathes me as well. She likes to personally keep my groin area clean on a daily basis. Her preference is to keep me shaved smooth because the can be no chance for odor. If I am not given a bath in the tub I am to stand by the sink in the kitchen while she washes between my legs and my bum. I know that I can do it myself but I really like the attention.

like story

I was bathed by mother or an old babysitter till the end of my teenage years, I suffered of balanites ( irritation on the gland and internal foreskin as a result of being uncut - I was only circumcised at 19 ). That procedure never bothered me, even because I think sons couldn't be ashamed in front of mothers, not even as adults.<br />

i too am still bathed by my mummy and i am now a research student. i love it . It's the most wonderful time of the day when we relax with each other, chatting and then she lets me play until it's time to wash me. And, like MeandmeMum, there is NOTHING sexual about it<br />

Ooops forgot to add that I am a male

Ooops forgot to add that I am a male

Im 18 and still bathed by mother two nights a week.. We enjoy the the time together and their is nothing sexual about it..

Oh, I am sorry to hear that humpty20 :(

Read your story and good for you your aunt is doing something for you and you are connecting I would love to have been washed as teen-ager by my mum but she was ill and died when was in mid-teens