Is It Ever Going To Stop

well it has been going on since i was in elementrary school and as i got into junior high school kids were mean to me and hated me and pushed me shoved me made fun of me because i was small and skinny and boys called me **** and hoar and i would just ignore them then i rememebr one specific time that a group of popular kids said this kid i had a crush on he was popular and that he wanted to date i was so excited well i went to lunch getting the note he supposdley left for me in my bag and sat next to him he asked me what i wanted and said that he would never go out with a ugly freak like me and all his friends laughed at me and now to this day i still get bullied by my family i get slapped called names i just dont get it why people are so mean to one another and they dont deserve to be hurt and please dont become a bully stop the bullying and there are kids that get bullied so bad that they commit suicide and i wanted to kill my self but as things got worse in highschool where girls kicked me and shoved me shoved tampons in my face and punched me in the head i did go to the principal and he kept saying he would deal with it but he never did and finally i told my dad and he went to the school and ripped into the principal and a few days after that the girls were meaner than ever they tripped me as i was walking down the stairs and told me i was fat and ugly and made me miss my bus to go home so i climbed up on to the school roof and was going to kill my self and a couple of my teachers saw me up there and asked me to come down i yelled down at them no it will never stop it just keeps getting no one is stopping it so they called the police and ambulance and fireman well i ended up being up there for several hours well the police man tried to coax me to come down i said no u all dont understand what this school has been letting happen im getting bullied and they ignore it and im down and tey said if you come down hun we will help u and i said no im done i just lost and jumped off the building and just rememberin at that momment it felt like i was flying and i remember everyone was huddled over me i kept hearing murmuring and hearing people screaming my name and shaking me i finally came out of it and realized that i had landed and broke my legs and had a head injury as well and i remember looking up and seeing my dad and he told me baby your going to be okay well i made it and after that i quit school dropped out and things never got better but thats another story and those girls got charged with harassment and bullying and the school was shut down awhile after that because come to find out i wasnt the only student being bullied and they were letting students do drugs at the school so yeah the school was shut down thank god so if ur a victim of bullying then i feel for you and get help dont be quiet speak out and speak up
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At some point you have to say . **** you thunder!™
And not worry about what others think. You sound like a nice person. Not everyone is nice or even has good in tensions.

darling sounds like you have been having back lucky for a longgg time :(

I'm really sorry about what you went through. I was bullied in school up until 9th grade. At that point I decided I would stand up for myself and others at school. I wish I would have been there to put those dumbasses in their place. Every now and then I get a little upset by some people's making fun of me but I've learned to deal with it somehow...

I am truly sorry for what you have gone through.

cyber bullying and it sounds to me like your making fun of me and thats not cool people online mainly like to bully me why does it matter