Just about the deepest level there is. Where you feel you can go no further, want to go back to your past and redo it again and get rid of all this.

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Yea I've felt that way a lot. Sometimes I think about something in my past and I just cringe and feel awful. But burying it is not the way to go. I know what I'm going to say sounds corny but I tried it and it actually works. You can have an awareness of the past without the pain of it. If you just sit there and be present with it without fear or shame or any negativity, you can just see it for what it is. You can have compassion for where you were at that time. That in itself transmutes the experience. You basically ARE changing the past when you do that.

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The thing to remember is the Past does not Equal the Future. I know there are certainly things in our lives that we would love to forget or wish they never happened. Sometimes a good can come from those things. <br />
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The best thing to do is focus on today and the future. On positive things vice negative things. Start to improve yourself, set goals, go after your dreams. And the past will become a distant memory. <br />
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Best Wishes! Mel