Who Is This In the Mirror.


I have discovered that as I get older I want to do more. I have found that the timid doormat that I have always been is no longer who I am. I am bolder, more forward, more open to discover new things. I am finding in my search for who I truly am that I want to do more things for me. The kids are doing for themselves--either old enough for taking care of their own things or out on their own. I want more time for me. Time to take care of myself...to paint my toenails...to take bubble baths....to sit and read a book....to walk around town...to wander no where fast and take what pictures I want without someone yelling they need to go where they want, that they are hungry, that they are bored. I want to rediscover my husband and re-find out what it is that drew me to him in the first place. To find exactly how we have changed together that will allow us to grow together. I want to discover exactly how much I love Jesus and find out how to have a relationship with Him while not falling into the bondage that so many people fall into with religion. I am still discovering who I am...and finding who I want to be.

fizzergirl fizzergirl
41-45, F
Feb 18, 2009