it's less now, and i feel the flow comign right through me right out of my hands and onto this keyboard. 
and the music, it washes over me now, while i wait, and think:  wait, they don't love you lik I love you.
my cynicism checks for a moment at the door, and things seem pure.  a chrystalline ligth washes over the room, the voices all fade into the background and all i can think is:  wait.  they don't love you like i love you.
sometimes the pain is too much.  and so i drink.  i can-- connect when i drink-- purely on a superficial level, but it's SOMETHING.  for one brief and shining moment i feel it.  i feel what it must be like to be a person.

wait.  they don't love you like i love you.  please.  wait.
happyhooker happyhooker
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1 Response Mar 17, 2007

That's so me. Sounds like a session of me drinking & thinking. Not always a good combination. Maps. Maps. :/