Forgeting Her

 Ok so ive had an on and off realationship with someone for almost 6 years and now its over forever. She wont talk to me at all not even to tell me to get lost. I know your thinking if you can't make it work after 6 years its for the best but i really believed that we would. we both have trust issues and found it hard to talk bout feelings but we were getting better or atleast i thought we were. It my fault we broke up as she thought it was ok to be in a relationship where you go days without talking to each other (she was away at uni) and then only seeing each other 3 times over christmas when she was back for 3weeks. I said i wasnt happy and felt unloved. She said thats just her way and she will tell me how she feels when i'm not expecting it and then there was shouting match where the past was brought up which has cheating involed on both parts. once again youre saying its for the best that its over but ive never felt anything close to what i do with her. its such a cliche but she completes me.
   Ive been inlove with her for so long i dont know how not to be.
Calvexz Calvexz 22-25, F 1 Response Dec 26, 2011

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I understand what you're going through. You gotta get over it. You are probably depressed over this situation. First of all....get really busy, take their name out of your contacts in your phone..

STOP THINKING THAT THEY WILL CALL. Dont find reasons to text them. Dont shop in their area hoping to run into them. Start dating someone that you can be friends with. Find someone that is in your same boat. NO PHONE DATING....Physical dating. Be honest with your date...DO NOT REBOUND. Just date. Learn to love yourself, by dating yourself sometimes. Treat yourself to nice things. You will think of her, but immediately call someone else. Talk to them about her and your pain, but DONT CONTACT HER EVER AGAIN. Everyday it will get easier. Soon you will have developed other healthy relationships until it will be just a dream. Take it from me...i'm going through it now.