How Do I Get Past A Great Girl That I've Done Wrong??

A few days ago I went to another city to meet a girl (let's call her Mia). I met her about a month ago and had been texting her. She's very good looking, intelligent, sweet and as kind as anyone I've ever met (She's a 9). She's different.

We went to some clubs and bars with a group of people. The entire time it felt like it was just us. I was making some serious progress. She ended up leaving and wanted to see me the next day. She put her apt# in my phone without me noticing. I kept drinking with the group, making friends while I was at it.

Ended up sleeping with one of her friends that I had no attraction to (She's a 4). I was so frustrated I told her to leave (not so nicely). She was so mad she went on a yelling rant for about 20 minutes. She said Mia was her best friend and that she's going to know the sick a**hole that I really am.

Sure enough the next day I texted Mia a long message and no reply. I head home a couple days later. Still no word. Guilt, regret.. She didn't deserve it. I realize that she's probably mentally erased me so how can I do the same?
TheKnowing TheKnowing
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1 Response Nov 13, 2012

I don't think you need to erase her. Keep her there so that you will be reminded what happens when you do such stupid things and so the next time you meet an awesome girl you would be extra careful. And, if she's really meant for you, you'll have another chance to redeem yourself. If she's not, at least she's a lesson learned.